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About Us

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We believe in the power of knowledge and the free flow of information to build informed, enlightened and engaged communities. Our mission is to provide independent, unbiased coverage of science and give people the tools to evaluate the news and the world around them.

In support of our mission to serve the public interest by providing accurate, unbiased coverage of news in science, medicine and technology, we follow widely recognized standards of journalism developed and adhered to by major news organizations. That includes being honest and transparent in our work and in our interactions with sources and readers.

Accuracy is central to our pursuit of the truth, and we make great effort to ensure that our work is factually correct, fairly presented and in context. We strive for professional impartiality while reporting thoroughly and comprehensively.

We are accountable for all we do.

We don’t pay for interviews, and we pay our own way. We credit the sources of information that wasn’t generated by our independent newsgathering. We don’t use pseudonyms, composite characters or fictional names, ages, places or dates. In the rare instance in which we allow a source to remain anonymous, we explain why, typically because a person’s safety or livelihood would be at risk.

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