Accessories of Mower

A mower is a machine that cuts plants or grass that grows on the ground. Mowers used to cut playing fields and lawns are called grounds mower or lawn mower. Occasionally, such a mower is pushed by the user or can power itself. Grounds mowers have rotary and reel cutters. Mower conditioners and larger mowers are used to cut crops and grass for silage and hay.

Below are some of the accessories of a mower.

  • Wheels and Housing– the housing or chassis of a mower is made of steel. However, most wheels of a lawn mower are made of plastics based of resins. The housing of the mower rests on top of the wheels connected with an axle. This covers all other mower parts and ensures they are safe. Also, the housing protects the lawn mower engine.
  • Carburetor– the carburetor is part of the combustion engine found in the mower. The combustion engine functions by mixing air and fuel. The carburetor functions by regulating and mixing the amount of air and fuel so that it can be ignited by the spark plug.
  • Air filter-the air filter protects the internal components of the engine from debris and dirt. While a mower can operate without an air cleaner, it takes a short period for contaminants and dirt to lead to breakdown of the internal components. Also, the air filter ensures the carburetor is clean by keeping trash away hence air and gasoline can flow easily without any disruptions.
  • Spark plug– the spark plug is a necessity when operating the mower since it ignites the air and fuel mixture found in the combustion chamber. Power is supplied to the plug by an electrical current so that it can generate sparks when the piston of the engine nears the top of its stroke. When the air and fuel mixture explodes, the piston goes back to the engine making the crankshaft to turn. The crankshaft then rotates making the piston go up again and the ignition process repast itself as long as the engine is running.
  • Blades– in the ancient mowers, the blades were slightly twisted and spun in the same way as the axis. Nowadays, most mower blades have sharp edges and are two. They spin on a vertical axis at a very high speed so that they can cut grass faster. Also, the blades move at a high velocity to cut thicker, wetter and taller grass than the ones cut by the ancient mowers.

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