Drug and Brain Interactions In Research


We know how overusing drugs and alcohol can negatively impact your emotions and behavior. We also know that rehabilitation centers such as A Placetobe work tirelessly to eliminate people’s addictions. Although, it is not a rocket science to understand the toxic relationship between the brain and drugs.

However, it is essential to know the scientific chain of reactions that drugs have on the human brain so that the close members of the patient can understand the danger of using drugs. Then in the future, it will be easier for the family or friends to prevent the user from either taking or relapsing in addiction.

But before that, let us know a little bit about the human brain in a not-so-scientific manner.

drug and brain interactions

The Human Brain-A Wonder Of Nature:

There is a saying among the surgeon that the riskiest and most sensitive surgeries of the human body are cardiac and neuro surgery where neurosurgery tops the list. Even according to the human anatomy human brain is the most complex body organ and is still acting as a mystery. It is the base of numerous superheroes’ powers and the first thing actual scientists research on. Filled with grey and white matter, it has a mass of only three pounds and is still the center of human functions.

The brain acts like a complex computer where cells called neurons are the networks and circuits. Connected to other neurons or cells of the body it receives their signals and transfers its signals to other neurons in the body.

The Impact Of Drugs On The Brain:

The way the brain sends and receives signals have been mentioned above. The chemicals in the drug interfere with this very natural system of the brain via the neurotransmitters. For example, heroin or marijuana can mimic the functions of the neurotransmitters making them the ones to control the neurons of the brain. As they are mimicking the natural process of the neurotransmitters the brain neurons end up receiving abnormal signals and wrong information.

Other drugs like cocaine or amphetamine release an abnormal number of neurotransmitters that interferes with the natural transmission system. The communication chains that happen naturally between neurons and the transmitter also get disrupted.

Part Of The Brain That Is Affected By Drugs:

Drugs mostly affect the part of the brain that controls the thinking and emotional system of human beings. The special part of the brain which is affected by drugs are :

  1. Basal Ganglia: It controls the daily positive routine of a human being. From eating healthy to socializing with people it controls the positive emotions of the brain. The drugs activate these feelings abnormally and regular drug usage can numb the emotions of the human.
  2. Amygdala: The expanded region of the amygdala is a sensitive part of the brain as humans feel stress, anxiety, and fear because of the amygdala. The drugs reduce the withdrawal symptoms of being high. This gives the person temporary relief. As a result, people tend to get used to drugs for temporary relief.
  3. Prefrontal Cortex: This part of the brain enables the person to think logically and solve problems alongside naturally helping them cope with problems. This helps a person to have self-control over their impulse or excitement. Overuse of the drug makes a person lose self-control and commit something wrong as well.


Overall, drugs paralyze all the emotional and thinking abilities of the human mind. Their self-control and understanding of ethics end up in a dark hole and that ends up destroying a person’s life. Hence, it is necessary to understand the scientific effects of drugs on the brain.


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