How To Plan and Build a Deck

You need to plan well before starting to build a deck. When you visit the docks for sale Minnesota, you will realise several things you need to consider. These include the size of your property and what type of design will suit it best. It’s also essential to choose whether you want an elevated or ground-level structure. The structure affects how much space you have around the house for other purposes such as placing furniture.

This article will discuss how to plan and build a deck that will last for a long time. Read on and join the discussion.



Planning and building a deck


Develop a sketch

When you decide to build a deck, the first step is to develop a sketch using pencil and paper. The dimensions of your property will influence how much space you need for the deck, so it’s essential to measure them correctly before starting construction. You also need to consider the structure’s elevation as this can affect various aspects of the design.


Use a deck construction guide.

Several deck construction guides are available online. They provide step-by-step instructions on how you can build your deck without having to hire a professional for help. However, it’s still worth hiring an expert so they can review the design and make sure everything is done correctly before starting with construction.


Selecting materials

You need the best materials for your deck to enable it last longer. Traditional decks are made of wood, but they require constant maintenance and can be damaged by moisture or insects. You should consider other types of material such as durable concrete and offers excellent protection from weather conditions over time. The best materials offer sufficient drainage so water can flow through them.


Digging and preparing the footings

Preparing the footings begins by digging holes where you will place concrete blocks to ensure that your deck has a strong foundation. It is essential for ensuring it’s properly secured and doesn’t get damaged over time due to weather conditions or other factors, including wear and tear.


Preparing and attaching the ledger and beams

The ledger is the board that will secure your deck to your home. It should be appropriately attached and countersunk into the footings, so it’s not visible when you look at it from below. You can attach metal joist hangers for this task or use other methods depending on the material. Also, you should connect the beams to the ledger and secure it. Joist hangers or other hardware are best for ensuring they can bear weight without becoming loose over time.


Placing the deck

It’s essential to place your deck on a firm foundation, especially if it has an elevated design that makes it susceptible to strong winds. You should also level it with other structures around the property, including retaining walls and garages, which will improve its stability over time. You also need to install a railing and attach stairs to the structure so you can easily access it.



Planning and building a deck requires a lot of effort and time.  As with any other project, you need to ensure that everything is done correctly, so your deck can last for many years without experiencing problems.


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